Jones and D-Rail on that Philly Jawn: Part III

In the psychadelphic conclusion of Jones and D-Rail on that Philly Jawn, we hit the streets of phantastic Philadelphia along with some good homies Sean, Dilly, and of course, Kit. Every second of the Philly trip was amazing to say the least, but Daryl saved the best for last. Skating through the streets of Philly with one of my best friends was definitely the highlight of the trip for me. I can’t speak for Daryl, but I have a feeling he would say the same thing. Every time we went to the city and skated street, we skated as hard as possible, filmed as much as we could, and had as much fun as humanly possible. I know we have said this again and again, but I don’t think it can be said enough.. THANK YOU KIT! We sincerely love you and value your friendship and skate nerdiness to the fullest. Hope to see you soon. And to everyone else that made our stay as magnificent as it was, we sincerely thank you as well, (you know who you are). The sunny daze are shining extra bright in this phantastic conclusion of our east coast adventures. Enjoy or die.

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