Mic’ed Up Mondaze!!!

I am absolutely, positively, truly, wholeheartedly, undoubtedly, completely, and fully glad that this is done. It is long, and missing so much stuff…but the likeliness of you even sitting through the 10 minutes is unknown…let alone half an hour.

I hope you watch it, because Chris Jones, Adam Yee, Andy Bonner, and CJ Spitz are quite the entertaining bunch…I say it’s all straight gold until the curtains close. I, Chad Seidel, got everyone mic’ed up early in the month of March, 2011…so it’s been a long time coming to get in the mood and have the time to finish it. We took two days to film this, and on the second day I had not slept a single minute the night before cause I had been working on some video project. Not sure what inspired me to do this instead of take a nap. But, non-the-less, I am super happy I did it, and happy to have another one of my old projects finished. The cloud of “To-Do’s” is dissipating. Edited. Done. Project complete.


Sad note. After uploading this, I accidentally deleted everything to do with Mic’ed Up Mondaze from my computer. So that is that.


About Chad Seidel

I like to smile.
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