LetsGetBeautiful Final Words

Our blood, sweaty gooches, and creative minds finally completed our first Sunny Daze Crew full length Colorado skateboarding project (Chris Jones hand drew all the titles, Chad Seidel did the DVD authoring, motion graphics, and created this here blog, Earl Snyder hand drew all the art work, Anton Arratia edited his own part and was a hassle but we still love him, there were mad filmers including all of us, and I created the crew, the concept and name of the video as well as all the editing). What a beautiful sight it is too.

Many people can say they have made something in their life that they are proud of but only few can say they have made something that changed not only their own lives but the lives of people in their community. I had several little kids come up to me I had never met and say ” I know who you are I follow you online” or “that video was the best video I have seen.” I too remember saying these things or feeling those emotions after watching local skate videos when I was young, I just hope I inspired young shredders out there to keep the Colorado skateboarding spirit alive and well. Thanks to all my friends who were involved, I couldn’t have done it with out you guys my life is blessed to have you all in my life you know who you are no names needed. I’d like to end this Chapter with a sweet good bye and a solid hello to our next video project Chronalystic Ablaze…hopefully coming out at the end of the year???

So…Let’s Get Beautiful.

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