Club Dancing

So the last two weekends in a row I have found myself dancing at clubs with Chadman, his brother and his brothers friends. The following will describe a typical scenario during our endeavors. Try to talk each other into going on the dance floor. Going on the dance floor and dancing awkwardly in a corner surrounded by beautiful women. Try to talk one another into dancing with the women. Briefly surround our selves with chicks and dance while avoiding eye contact. Briefly get “grinded on” while contemplating if it would be pushing the line to grab the girls hips while being “grinded on”. At one point Chadman asked me to switch “grind partners” to accommodate his height, a definite highlight of the night.

There is something to be said for going to a club that is clearly, nothing your able to take seriously, while simultaneously experiencing a hormone overload. I guess practice makes perfect, and i plan on making serious strides to improve my “game” as they say in the biz. I’ve been watching this video for the past two and a half hours straight and am already thrilled with the quick results that this instructional video has produced.

Take care and see you on the dance floor

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