Cheers to Montages and 2011…Looking forward to 2012.

Mad montages should be getting edited soon, they are lying dormant…waiting. This years Christmas montage attempt turned out a little different than lasts…I hope Bonner attempts to put that together into something you can watch on the interweb. Probably one of the longest games of S.K.A.T.E. ever, ending with an epic standoff between me and Bon-Bon…probably the most lucky I’ve ever been flipping that piece of wood around. Look forward to a Parker Go-Pro montage as soon as quicktime works on D-Rails computer, featuring some Jones, D-Money, and Grant Garcia action…followed by a Dayton montage we filmed today! A finished “MRKT KNOWS” will be getting featured on the Deluxe site soon…ish…I think. You will be stoked on some Fort Collins street skating…Jacoby, Jones, and Money-D slaying spot to spot as the sun runs away. Soon. Don’t even get me started talking about “Mic’ed Up Mondaze” or “The D-Rail Saga – The Travels Continue”…but seriously, they are coming soon too. So, nothing but promises for future things today…but I thought that if you are reading this I could maybe “convince” you to click buttons and distract yourself from accomplishing something productive and watch old montages. The quotes on “convince” are because really I’m just rambling about montages and putting a big link to some old memories you may or may have not seen. It’s fun looking back on a years worth of skateboarding. You were a wild one 2011.
Shout-out to NULL SKATEBOARDS and MRKT SKATESHOP!!! If you are a fan of this little so-called social networking site called Facebook or something, add MRKT as your homie and stay in the loop…TBCY can suck it.

Cheers to breaks from school, good friends and family.


About Chad Seidel

I like to smile.
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