This fine young man as of yesterday (since it’s 3:06 am) has a nice fancy diploma telling the world that he has a degree in Digital Film & Video Production. Me and Jones had the pleasure of visiting the sexy chap at his portfolio review and I’ll tell you what, aint no bigger boss in that whole convention center than my brotha D-rail. It’s been a wild ride my friend, you put in the work and now the world is yours for the shredding. Can’t wait to see where you end up. Here is a sideways picture of the steezed out killa, due to the fact that Jones would rather drink PBR and make reductive charcoal drawings than convince his dad he needs an external hard-drive because his scratch disk is full and he can’t even open a photo in photoshop to rotate it 90 degrees:
Congratulations, I couldn’t be more happy for you…I’m sure Joe would feel the same.


About Chad Seidel

I like to smile.
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