Logan Street Sesh

Seriously. Everyone sucks at posting. Bad. Like way bad. Like getting stranded in Limon on your way to Kansas City bad. Like someone pooping in your mouth while you’re asleep bad. Like completely failing to get a job and succeed in life bad.

So anyways, I just got back from Kansas City…it was super fun. Hate for days. Gross drawings and more candy than I’ve eaten in years. Bros and high-fives. Good times and stuff. So glad I got to go, thanks a ton Bernie!!! But…the main point of this post is that on August 31st, a few days before the trip, me and Daryl took my brothers fancy little camera out around my neighborhood and filmed a little montage:

We had such a blast just cruisin’ around my block.


About Chad Seidel

I like to smile.
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