Denver, Colorado…It’s gonna be nice calling you home.

Before my post about moving, I just want to say that although I never met Joe Scott, and although I was never able to share his smiles or watch his buttery tre-bombs in the flesh, I know he is a real brotha and the impressions he left on the people in his life will never be forgotten…I wish I could have met you good sir, thanks for helping Daryl become the ninja he is. If I ever learn 360 flips, I’ll do them all in your honor. Rest in peace.

And now about moving…

So me, Chad, and Jones have successfully started our move to Denver…we are actually probably closer to being done moving than starting, but yeah. This Sunday morning, after the Aesop show Saturday night, I will officially be driving to my home in Denver bumping some velvet underground:

I can’t even begin to imagine all the good times that will be had in and around our apartment, but the simple fact that me and Chris are neighbors with Daryl pretty much sums it up. Here is a list I made for stuff we “need” and “want” for our place:
I think I’m hilarious. Now that I am looking at this list i’m realizing we have a lot to do before Sunday, so that is my signal to stop blogging…


About Chad Seidel

I like to smile.
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