Cheers to the beautiful couple, I was lucky enough to hang out at their reception this evening for a minute and couldn’t imagine a better time. Amazing weather, amazing people, amazing location…definitely a great start to a great rest of your life together. I thought I should take a screen capture of her facebook page, cause it now has to be changed to Susan Kelly!!!
Besides that awesome news, summer has started teasin’ me…Super fun times, this is for sure my favorite photo of the hike up to Horsetooth rock this past Friday morning…but here are a bunch if you care at all to seeee them. I think everyone is really slacking on this whole blog thing…and my posts are pretty lame lately too…so sorry to the few few souls that check this thang.


About Chad Seidel

I like to smile.
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  1. AxelLearn says:

    finals week brings lack of posting. The summer time will bring the skating back to life brotta dont have so many doubts! haha.

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