“Windsor park son!”

C.J. Spitz and Chad Seidel find themselves at a nice little skatepark in Windsor, CO. If any ladies watch this, don’t trust Mr. Spitz facial hair…it will only lead to a good night and a broken heart. Good times, procrastination is catching up with me once again so watch this, enjoy your day, and I’ll just keep sitting here on my computer for the rest of my life.

And…although he attempted to make it impossible to find his flickr page, after many extremely impatient requests Jake Cartier sent me the encrypted code to access his photos and I am able to live normally once again. Type his name backwards into a secret website entitled “google” and you will find the magic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/58682237@N06/ This photo below starring Daryl, Me, Jones, and C.J. is what I was after:


About Chad Seidel

I like to smile.
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