Blog or Die.

I am doubting the dedication of fellow members of this blog. I feel that focus on important things that actually matter is taking away from the greatness this blog could be. Yeah, you could hang out with your family and friends…making priceless memories and growing as a person OR you could sit in front of your computer alone and blog by yourself for extended periods of time. The real question is, what is more worth it…I say blogging. Memories fade away in time, but a blog post is forever.

So, to all you slackers enjoying life and skateboarding, you need to get your act together and realize the real value blogging has to offer. When your girlfriend dumps you, guess who is still there to offer you comfort and love. The blog. When you drink to much and decide that the top of a water fountain is the Titanic and your Kate Winslet, guess who is there when you wake up and realize you are an idiot. The blog. When your room burns down, destroying irreplaceable possessions, guess who is there to hug you and tell you it was the candles fault and not yours. The blog.

Once everyone realizes how much better blogging is than real life, I will be a happy man. In the meantime, watch the best video that me and my brother have ever made:


About Chad Seidel

I like to smile.
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