Teaser for “Mic’ed Up Mondays”

So, if you read Andy Bonner’s first post…you saw that he mentioned something about “Mic’ed Up Mondays”. If you weren’t sure what he was speaking of, it was an epic two days in which we hooked some brothas up with a microphone and audio recorder and forced them to skate around the park talking to themselves the whole time.

This is just our first three lines of day one, completely unedited (besides audio), to get Bonner off my back and show you what he was talking about:

At this point I honestly have no idea when the real edit will be finished, not that you are on the edge of your seat or anything…but Bonner sure is. Finals week is coming up, I have to work and most of all I would rather skate than sit and edit skating footage. The main problem is that this project turned into an audio mans nightmare, just take a gander at what I had to do for this teaser…
Those little pink lines are every point that I had to lower the audio because something (skating or yelling) was too loud for a hot second. Sucks.


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