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Nothing makes a good video like a poor attempt at a dramatic slam section followed by a fun filled parking garage session to Gloria¬†Estefan. Can’t say i’m quitting my day job, or that I even have one but whatever. Advertisements

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Friday Night Art Show

You should definitely come out to The Skateboard Market this Friday (April 1st) to see some art from Jess Mudget, Chris Whitman, and Me! I kind of just tagged along to their art show and am only having a few … Continue reading

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TUCK KNEE- daryl radovich aka dimebag daryl, da-rell, d-rail, ghost with the most, gypsypuss, the D

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Get hyphhhhiiiieeedddd for new D-Rail Travels!

Sir Daryl Radovich graced Fort Collins with his presence once again this past Friday and Saturday. We ended up with like two and a half hours of footage that will have to get packed into two 3 minute montages… If … Continue reading

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mono E mono

So things have been going well….that is until I got a text from Chadman that reads as follows….”I’m not sure if you realized it, but your failing at posting on the blog”. It took a while to let that comment … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas – Round 3!!!

This guys art is awesome…check out his website: In my personal news, my Winter quarter will be over in a little over 4 hours…super hyped. Ready to get some much needed sleep. I’m probably going to get a parking … Continue reading

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VW Riot Tour 2010

This was before SunnyDazeCrew…but I thought I would post it anyways in case you didn’t get a chance to see it: You’ze a boss Samson.

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