Mustache rides and new dudes posting stuff…

So, just wanted to say that the Sunny Daze Crew Blog is pretty much as big as the Berrics now…with Axel Learn and Jordan Pride coming in hot with fresh blog material, we might have to buy some new computer servers to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of kids checking out the site on an hourly basis. So yeah, the future holds many oh new posts from these two young lads so you now have something to look forward to everyday. Ha.

Aside from that Jones decided to get creepy with it and shaved all his facial hair, which surprisingly resembled hair that grows on crotches, except for his mustache. He has been seen at clubs and dance halls lately dancing wildly and hitting on underage girls at poudre high school.


Oh! And one last thing, luckily I filmed Chris shaving in HD…so you will soon have the chance to take a beautiful gander at that. Have a pleasant day, now if you will excuse me I will be doing homework non-stop until Wednesday.


About Chad Seidel

I like to smile.
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