Blog theft.

So, today I am quite dissapointed in my productivity. Nothing has been accomplished. Absolutely nothing. Slept in too late, did nothing I said I would do so far, got sucked into the interweb, realized I was blowing it, took a shower, got sucked back into the interweb…it is a vicious cycle I need to get out of quickly. Luckily I am quite productive most days, but here and there it is shocking how much I suck at life. On the contrary, Jordan was killing the NoLove warehouse last night along with a bunch of other dudes (and Carleigh):

super ill fs wallride bro

Backside flip from quarter/wall to ramp...would have been cooler if you landed it. Ha.

Wallride to fakie, notice the crumpled ceiling.

All the photos were stolen from Carleigh…thanks for letting me steal, crop and brighten them…Check out her blog post about the night for photos of everyone. Bummer I think I could have caught the tail end of the session, it was freezing out and I thought the warehouse was in Boulder. In actuality I was about 5 minutes away from it. Sucks.


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