Jones gettin’ cozy with my Mom…

Well, I am gettin’ a little frustrated here with the amount of blog participation from the rest of the crew. I am trying to get the world hyped on Sunny Daze!!! We had a super fun session yesterday, took mad artsy photos and was told by Chris Jones that he was gonna post it last night. Guess what, if you couldn’t tell…he never did. I have sat at my computer for the last 16 hours refreshing the blog every 15 minutes and to say the least, I am thoroughly disappointed. So, in response…I wanted to post this awesome photo of Chris and my Mom from yesterday:

How cute.

I want to see some more effort Chris (and Daryl and Earl), or next thing you know I’ll be posting zombie hands freestyle footage. Blog wars bro.


About Chad Seidel

I like to smile.
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