Sunny Daze With Kit Kitredge

So, our super good homie, and fellow Sunny Dazest, Kit Ramsey took this photo of me (Christopher) and Daryl Getting-Way-Too-Radovich a while ago when he was still living in the beautiful city of Denver, CO. Unfortunately, Kitredge moved back to Philly, because he’s the king of Philly, yes. Rumor on the street is he might be coming back in a bit though, how radical would that be? For those of you that don’t Kitty Kat, it would be quite awesome, just believe me on that one. If you want to take a look at some more of Kit’s photography, (which I highly suggest you do), click here. We all miss you here Kit, I’ll be seeing you soon on your turf though. Now stop reading this and go skateboard, or prank call Chadman.

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One Response to Sunny Daze With Kit Kitredge

  1. axellearn says:

    Kits the man! that picture is sick, and right after such and ill day of shred!

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