One of my sunny daze…

This is my first log. I thought I would start it out with a story of my own of a sunny daze experience. Lets begin, this edit was from September 7, 2010. My 21st birthday, Axel Earl and I were on a film mission in the city. We were heading to this Philly bump that I’ve known of for a while now. Figured I would step into manhood with a blast over a bump to bar. I knew there was going to be only a few try’s, I only got three.
Before arriving I wanted to warm up on this down hill bump. Of course I shot my board into a good fellows tire after a few try’s. i started to dip when your typical skater hater throws out there huffs and snarls. Axel an Earl argued his uncalled for messages I dipped to the spot. We arrived kind of heated, took some breaths, scoped out the spot for security an got down. Earl ran traffic control. Axel held visuals, from there the session began.

Enjoy the mash

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