Nate is homeless!!!

Well, we all thought it would be a little bit longer before No-Stair Nate was shredding back here in Colorado again. But he decided to surprise us yesterday, pretending to be a pizza delivery man!

Nate was super excited to see me and Jones!

Chris was super excited to see Nate!!!

We have no idea what persuaded Nate to come, and we didn’t even tell him we were planning a Denver trip for the day…Let alone that we would be pulling up to that specific 7-11 on Colfax at the exact moment he was. He looked slightly sad when we took the pizza from him, and we began to wonder if the pizza was actually meant for us or if it was his hard earned lunch. Had Nate actually gone back home when he said? Or was he now living on the streets of Denver…confused, drugged, and scared?

I couldn't believe my eyes!!!

At this point, Nate still had not uttered a single word or changed his facial expression. We were confused, as this was definitely not like him. He climbed into my moms minivan, smelling up the interior almost instantaneously. He sat in silence in the back seat, breathing heavily. We weren’t sure what to do, but soon enough old Nate was back and we were all laughing and joking like old times. I had an extra board he could use, so the session was on. We arrived at the first spot, and it seemed that Nate had forgotten that you skateboard with your feet…Not your hands. He was thoroughly enjoying it, laughing and talking to his unkept self, so we decided not to discourage his fun.

Nate handboard crooked grinding the rail.

How could you say no to that smile?

From there, Jones stood and looked at the rail for awhile…wishing he wasn’t too scared to ollie onto it.

"With braces, I can do anything."

But soon enough he got a front board and went on to make himself look really cool for millions of people all over the internet, click the photo below:

Nate was trying to do a standard hi-five, but his hand eye coordination isn’t what it used to be before all the long nights of drug use and sleeping in alleyways. I sure hope a news reporters finds this post and tries to make a story out of it, causing Nate to possibly lose his career…pshhhh, what am I thinking? Nothing like that could ever happen because of a blog. If it did it really wouldn’t matter cause Nate is unemployed anyways. Ha. Alright, I really should be working on a final project right now. If you feel like reading something and seeing photos (including the one below) about a session that actually happened recently and has true things written about it, check out this sweet blog post about Glen’s 300th day of skating this year!!! Congrats dude.

Photo taken by Carleigh (

p.s. The video and photos in this post (aside from the ollie above) are actually from August 6, 2006.


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