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Jugga water park sesh glitch edit

Another good fellah sesh with Earl, Cody, Thomas, and me (Daryl). Im kind of in a technological breakdown right now. My two Sony vx 2100’s are showing their age. One has dirty heads, hence this edit has a glitch affect … Continue reading

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can you dig it?

recently got some new markers for christmas decided to test them out ones a stab at obama which i find comically pleasing its called ‘obama bin blownit’, the other is called ‘korean dogwood’ which is named after a beautiful devendra … Continue reading

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Jones gettin’ cozy with my Mom…

Well, I am gettin’ a little frustrated here with the amount of blog participation from the rest of the crew. I am trying to get the world hyped on Sunny Daze!!! We had a super fun session yesterday, took mad … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!!! (better later than never)

The weather was amazing, even the birds were bumpin’ on yesterdays fine Christmas afternoon. Jones got a new camera that does HD video so we decided to test it out and enjoy global warming rather than think about dying polar … Continue reading

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Wonderful Horrible Life vs. 30 Thousand 100 Million

First I would like you to watch the two following videos: and Between 2002-2010 Jereme Rogers went from a super rad skateboarder with all the potential in the world to nothing but a joke rapper pursuing a materialistic dream of … Continue reading

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Sunny Daze With Kit Kitredge

So, our super good homie, and fellow Sunny Dazest, Kit Ramsey took this photo of me (Christopher) and Daryl Getting-Way-Too-Radovich a while ago when he was still living in the beautiful city of Denver, CO. Unfortunately, Kitredge moved back to … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Captain Beefheart dies at wonderful age of 69

the 1960’s freak folk/painter captain beefheart (also known as don van vliet) was found dead this morning in his california beach house. he was 69. witnesses say he was savagely beat and raped by an angry mob of nuns. the … Continue reading

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